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Prozac uk pharmacy in borstal-le-Clonfièvre near Lyon was under quarantine for about 20 days following a reported rash at least twice in which a patient was bitten and man suspected of having measles. Dr. Bernard Blanc, director of medicine for the public health department in Lyon, said the outbreak had been brought under control in two separate cases. There had been two infections with the same strain of measles between October 24 and November 4 this year, Blanc said. "We are not in isolation but we are not in a position to say we've been under quarantine for more than two weeks," Blanc said. Two other cases of pneumonia were also diagnosed in the same district after a suspected case of measles. Blanc said a total of 40 cases had been diagnosed this year, including 17 confirmed cases of measles since May 2014. Two hospital officials in the Lyon-Marseille region were also suspended pending additional tests as they worked on four more patients, he said. The outbreak of measles, which usually occurs in densely populated and largely unhygienic immigrant communities across North Africa and the Middle East, has prompted some health experts to draw attention a lack of adequate immunizations, especially in the developing world. United Nations is a universal vaccination initiative designed to inoculate every child in the developing world by 2015. "Measles in certain cities is now at the high point of its modern history," Bernard-Henri Lévêque, the UN's assistant secretary general for health, said on Wednesday. "While measles infections have been decreasing in many regions, there are regions with substantial measles transmission and cases are still being reported in many countries." The WHO said in August that a global measles resurgence was likely responsible for up to 2,000 deaths every year. Image: Shutterstock One of the biggest complaints about US economy is that it can't sustain the kind of job growth it used to have. With the help of some serious policy innovations, though, Americans can, if they want, feel like they're making progress. From the beginning of Great Recession and continuing through the recent jobs report, US economy has been growing at a pretty healthy clip. But it's also becoming less dynamic, in the sense that kinds of jobs it's creating aren't really what people were looking for. "The US was always doing better than other developed countries in producing well-paying manufacturing jobs, but the jobs that were being lost in the 2008 recession did not just vanish," wrote economist David Autor in the New York Times early April. "The loss of these manufacturing jobs was a major factor in bringing the American unemployment rate down to what it is today, and has thus played a key role in the recovery." For those who've been unemployed months—or even years—and have watched their wages stagnate or fall in real terms, that's a disappointment. "It took a very long time for this kind of recovery to develop after the last recession," says Josh Bivens, research and policy director at the Economic Institute. "Many Americans are still feeling tha